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Brain Mapping

The Latest Technology in Brainwave Therapy
for Mental Fitness

Most people think of exercising their bodies, however few understand the need to exercise their brain.  Just as lifting weights can produce bigger biceps, training your brain into normal patterns can give you improved emotional and physical states.  Imagine a brain work-out center that guides your brain into working more efficiently and improving the way you feel.  Properly balanced rhythms result in optimal brainwave patterns.  Our emotions are a reflection of the rhythms in our brains:  excess beta can produce anxiety, too much frontal alpha could result in depression, or elevated theta could produce ADD.  Training your brainwaves into efficient patterns allows your central nervous system to learn how to self-regulate, directing it away from debilitation, painful destructive disorders, into effortless processing and optimal functioning.

Guide the brain into producing new efficient brainwave patterns.

How Does NeuroIntegration Therapy Work?

Clear Mind Center has created the unique NeuroIntegration system, a groundbreaking approach in multi-sensory brainwave therapy.  Photic-stimulation is a powerful technique for encouraging the brain to produce specific frequencies, through the well-documented entrainment process.  NeuroIntegration therapy combines photic stimulation with EEG NeuroIntegration therapy, leading the brain into the proper balanced state.  Our unique system combines the two technologies to achieve rapid improvement in mental and physical states, yielding powerful long-lasting results.

NeuroIntegration Therapy:  Taking The Shame Out of Mental Illness  The brain is becoming more and more of an open book that can be read through the use of noninvasive imaging techniques.  Recent developments in computer technology have opened the way to examine brain functions safely.  Many abnormalities that appear in the raw EEG can be addressed and normalized with NeuroIntegration therapy.  For example, depressed clients may feel that they are to blame for their condition because of being weak-willed or lacking in personal fortitude.  However, many depressed clients have an abnormal pattern of EEG showing in the anterior left hemisphere that has been with them since birth.  Therefore, having depression is not a cause for shame or guilt.  Depression often relates to brain dynamics. More important, NeuroIntegration training can do something about those dynamics. Clients can be empowered to change brain metabolism and reduce or even eliminate medications.  The brain can heal itself-or at least improve-without the aid of medication.

NeuroIntegration Therapy Has Been Shown
to be a Very Powerful Technique
for Improving Brain Function  

"NeuroIntegration Therapy works through a mechanism known as operant conditioning.  When a part of the brain is operating at an abnormal frequency (too fast or too slow), the brain can learn to normalize the activity of that area.  The brain is a learning machine.  If you tell it what it needs to do to be normal, and give it a reward for doing it, it can learn to make less of the abnormal activity and more of the normal activity.  As the brain gets better at making the normal activity, the threshold for getting a reward is raised.  Eventually the brain gets so good at making the normal activity that it no longer needs the feedback, and is able to make the normal activity whenever it is required.  The mechanism is thought to be through reorganization of functional pathways in the brain."

– Dr. Jonathan Walker, MD