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for every family
at every stage

Phone: 651-766-4600
Fax: 651-766-4603
Email: TheOptimalHealthZone@gmail.com

Tuesday          1pm - 7:00pm

Super Tuesday 10am - 7:00pm

Wednesday   12:30–6:30pm

Thursday       closed

Friday           9am – 2:00pm

Saturday         9am – 1:00pm

The office will be closed the 24th at 3pm, the 26th, 31st, and January 3rd

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A Breakthrough in Non-drug treatment of Emotional, Learning & Stress-Related Problems


Second Tuesday of every month:
20% off most supplements
Phone orders accepted until 7:00 pm

Every month we have an added special: OrganoGold Products 10% Savings.  Maple Syrup will be $32 until gone.

Next Super Tuesday is: 
January 13th



Take Our 30-Day Challenge

Order your coffee, Tea and Hot Chocolate HERE  Join our Coffee Connoisseur club or buy your favorite beverage.  Click on the medallion with the shopping cart on the right


Join Dr. Kelley on Super Tuesday December 9th for Holiday Salves and Smoothies 12:30-5pm with a short class on local herbal medicine at 5:30pm.

Optimal Health Zone Welcomes Dr. Kelley Hagenbuch, Master Herbalist.  Dr. Lucia can finally share her personal herbalist with you! Make your appointments directly with Dr. Kelley.  For more information: doctorweedmaster.com

NEW PRODUCT - Coffee, Tea, and

Hot Chocolate - Take the 30 day


Wellness Workshop:      
Topics and classes are available on a request basis


Order Supplements

Metagenics, Nutri-Dyn, Progressive Laboratories, Dynamic Nutritional Associates

Send us your e-mail and we will set up your account to order, or ask us for the required number and do it yourself!  Orders over $200 have free shipping.  A 15% discount always applies to your online orders.

Laminine information, ordering, and registration to buy wholesale.   

Complimentary Integrative Practitioners

Master Herbalist:  Dr. Kelley Hagenbuch 

Biophoton Therapy - Margaret Wilson

Homeopathy and classes about it - Kim Lane, MD

Electrodermal Screening - Julia McLean

Massage - Sue Willy, Kay Troan, David Lunsford 

Pregnancy and Children Resources

Midwives, Waterbirth, and more

International Chiropractic Pediatric Association

Twin Cities Birth and Baby Expo

Minnesota Birth Support

Cesarean Awareness

Breech and Baby Positioning (books available in our clinic!) Also recommended by Gail Tully, Free Resources for Mom

National Vaccine Information Center

Vaccine Homeopathic Pre/Post Combo Kits

Breast Feeding:  LeLeche League

All Things Diapers, I love this store!

Birthing Classes/Breastfeeding/"Baby Cafe" - Baby Love (Eagan)

Doula Support - Everyday Miracles

Autism, Natural options:  No Harm Foundation

Circumcision Education:  Noharmm

CuteyBaby Cloth Diaper Wraps and Diapering Support

Clothing with a Cause:  WearYourSpirit.com

Vital Moms  check out the Vitalistic Approach and resources

The importance of fathers, and fathers-to-be, info/support

Food Options

MSG Myth.com Website

Information on Raw Milk

Food Handling, Expiration Dates

www.goodguide.com, find out the rating on your food and products for toxicity and eco-footprint

Pottinger Cat Study, Video

Pet Food / Home Delivery / Pet Dietary Questions


General Information

Mercury Filling video 

Lifestyle Education

Dr. Lein is a certified First Line Therapy practitioners ready to support you and your family to understand and implement healthier choices.  First Line Therapy is a way to reverse and prevent chronic illness naturally.  Make sure to check out the link:  First Line Therapy

Miscellaneous Resources

Auto Repair

Auto Repair-Volvo

Clothing-Organic Cotton, Hand-Dyed, Recycled, Made to Order, Unique

Clothing:  WearYourSpirit.com

Helicopter Services 




Vintage Sales