Dr. Kevin C. Juleen, DC

Various techniques for all patients:

  • Applied Kinesiology

  • Functional Chiropractic

  • Diversified Adjusting

  • Drop Tables

  • Motion Palpation

  • Customized Nutritional Protocols

  • Detoxification

  • Laboratory Analysis

  • Desensitization, Neuro-Emotional Technique

  • Homeopathic Remedies

  • Flower Essences

  • Sports Performance/Nutrition and Injury Treatment/Prevention

  • Wellness Care

Dr. Kevin C. Juleen was born and raised in Grantsburg, WI and is the youngest of 5 children. In high school, he was an active participant in football, basketball, baseball, and golf. He was also the president of his graduating class. After high school, he attended the University of Minnesota where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Sciences. Dr. J then attended Northwestern Health Sciences University and received a Doctorate of Chiropractic. He has completed numerous seminars and thousands of hours of continuing education mostly focused on sports chiropractic, nutrition, and Applied Kinesiology. At OHZ, we have a commitment to always learning; in addition to numerous seminars, we scour the new literature and network with other clinicians. This knowledge is applied to our treatments and helps support patients with a deeper understanding of their own health, nutrition, lifestyle, and self-empowerment.

Dr. J currently lives in Shoreview, MN and has been the owner of OHZ for the past two years. Dr. J has a passion for sports and is still active playing volleyball, basketball, golfing, and fishing. As an athlete, he has experienced amazing benefits from chiropractic care and wanted to be a chiropractor since his first visit in 7th grade. He loves to work with athletes and families, but truly believes that every person can benefit from chiropractic care in more ways than one. Chiropractic is not just about pain relief, it is about creating health, and is something that everyone should experience.