Your quality of life is our concern. We can help you heal the layers of stress, toxicity, and injury; so you can express and experience your true inner-self.

We tailor our services to each individual. Our techniques draw on everything from age-old wisdom to current scientific research.

Whether you require subtle and gentle treatment or more intensive techniques to recover from injuries, whether you are nurturing a new life or navigating the final transitions, Optimal Health Zone can help.


chiropractic Services

  • Personalized Full-Body Chiropractic Care

  • Applied Kinesiology and Muscle Testing

  • Sports Injury Treatment and Prevention

  • Auto Accident and Personal Injury/Work Comp.

  • Prenatal and Pediatric Care

  • Lifestyle Coaching, Education, and Exercises

  • Special Needs/Complex Cases

  • TMJ and Cranial Adjusting


Chiropractic conditions

We treat your whole body every time we see you. This can benefit those of any condition, from simple neck or back pain to complex cases, disc injuries, migraines, head injuries, extremity injuries/conditions, and much more!

Chiropractic care is designed to help your body function better; everyone has muscles, joints, and nerves; and therefore chiropractic can benefit everyone to some extent, no matter their age or condition. 

We are not in-network with major insurance carriers but do offer same day and pre-pay discounts for our services. We would be happy to give you the information needed to submit your claims and hopefully get reimbursement if applicable. We do accept HSA and FSA payments for your care. If you were involved in an auto accident or work injury, we will submit claims on your behalf and always be your advocate for getting the proper coverage you are entitled to.