Thinking Green!

March 13th, 2018

Spring is on the way!

As the snow melts outside it has us thinking GREEN here at OHZ. March is known for St. Patrick's Day and I always have a bit of the luck of the Irish on my side. Our office is growing, we are helping more people than ever, and we have some exciting things to look forward to this spring! 

Although having good luck on your side never hurts, it is important to remember that when it comes to your health; hard work, time, and dedication are what makes the most impact. Many of you have been dealing with issues for a long time and have realized the effort it takes to get better. The longer you have been dealing with an issue, the harder it is to change how your body functions to improve it. It is important to stick with it and do everything you can to change your health. Changing your health really means changing your entire lifestyle.

The treatment protocols put together for you are specific for your needs, there is no luck involved. As you know, we focus on function in our office. Applied Kinesiology is a time-tested technique that shows me how your body is functioning. It allows me to hand-pick each individual thing that helps your body work better. Time moves fast in the room, but just know that we are being very detailed with what we are checking. Each system has to be supported properly in order for the body to function at its optimal level. Whether you are dealing with long-term internal stress or you just slept on your neck wrong the night before, Applied Kinesiology allows me to cater to your specific needs. 

As we are thinking GREEN, one specific product comes to mind. It is our best product, and one that anyone and everyone can have and enjoy. It's Nutri-Dyn Fruits and Greens! This product is packed with super foods that are high in anti-oxidants and phytonutrients. One scoop contains the same power as 20 servings of fruits and vegetables; there's no better way to get your greens in than taking Nutri-Dyn Fruits and Greens! The best part is, there are numerous flavors to choose from, and they all taste great! 

As spring approaches, it is also important to remember that as the snow is melting, and the temperatures rise, so does the occurrence of allergies. Ask today what you can do to desensitize yourself to the upcoming changes so that your health is always staying optimal and you are living your life in your sweet spot!

Yours in health, 

Dr. J.

Kevin Juleen