Drink More Water!

May 8th, 2018

Water! Water! Read All About It!

Water is the most important thing your body needs to function. It is the magical elixir of life and everyone knows that they need to drink water. Odds are that I have told you to drink more of it at some point- and I am hoping you are following this important direction to improving your health.

Drinking water helps balance all the other fluids in your body. It acts as a buffer for saliva, acid, nutrients, toxins, and even regulates your temperature. Water also helps you control your calories and aids in digestion. Your muscles, skin, and other organ systems rely on a huge intake of water per day to function at their best. If you are active, especially now that it is warming up outside, it is essential to drink even more than you think. If you are detoxifying your body; you need even more as well.

The standard for water intake is eight 8oz glasses per day. Although that is a great start, that is only the beginning. How much you should drink depends largely on how your body functions, your body type and gender, and your activity level. It is always my recommendation that your minimum goal should be half your body weight in ounces. So, if you are over 130 pounds; those 8 small glasses per day are simply not enough. In fact, your goal each day should be to drink double the minimum amount! We do get about 20% of our water from our foods as well: healthy options like spinach, cucumber, broccoli, watermelon, grapefruit, and lettuce are all over 90% water and will help you stay hydrated.

How can I drink more? There are many strategies to increasing your water intake each day. Some ideas include: using a straw, setting an alarm, drinking with and between each meal, and drinking more when you wake up and before you go to bed. Water is a huge energy boost, so replacing things like coffee, soda, and other stimulants with a large, cold glass of water is actually more of a benefit to you and is also a cheaper option as well. Having more energy, saving money, being in a better mood, and having your body work at its optimal level all seem like great things that everyone should be working to obtain. You can set your own goals and accomplish them by making a routine that works for you.

If you are ever sick of drinking just water, there are many options to spice things up: fruit is the best idea, you can vary the flavors and add in other essential nutrients. We have many healthy options available that may be part of your program- medical foods, fruits & greens, Optimag Neuro, and Stevia sweeteners can all help you enjoy your water intake with a huge boost of flavor. If you need ideas on how or what you should be doing, ask about it today!

Yours in health,  

 Dr. J.

Kevin Juleen