Undoubtedly at some point everyone has heard the word detox or detoxification. I talk about it all the time when setting up nutritional programs. But what does it really mean? Simply put, detox is the process in which the body eliminates or neutralizes toxic substances. Toxins come from everywhere: air, water, diet, drugs, alcohol, smoking, as well as within your body as by-products of metabolic processes. Supporting your body's ability to detox is crucial to your overall health.

There are two primary enzymatic pathways your body uses to detox; both occurring in the liver. The liver is the workhorse for detoxification; as all the blood in your body filters through the liver every 3 minutes. The first phase that occurs is based on oxidative chemical reactions. Your body starts to break down the toxins and allows the second phase to be effective. The second phase is when your body binds the toxins so they can be eliminated. These complex processes use a lot of resources and must be supported with proper nutrition. As with everything, you can help yourself naturally by limiting toxins and eating a clean diet, but nutritional supplements are here for when you need the extra support. Products we use to do this include: AdvaClear, NAC, P-5-P, Vitamin C, Calcium-D-Glucarate, Glutamine, MSM Complex, Silymarin, Chitosan, and countless others. If you have used any of these products, it means you have needed some help supporting your detox pathways.

Most often times we focus on supporting your body while we are trying to take care of other things. When you have an underlying issue like a viral or bacterial infection, it is important to support your detox to clean the system and recover faster with less adverse symptoms. Our comprehensive approach also supports your brain, lymphatic drainage, energy, and other organ systems to get you the best possible results. If you don't have a lot of “weak spots” to support, your body may be able to handle a more intensive protocol to help rid your body of toxins. An intense detox is not only great for resetting your digestive system, it also can be used effectively as a diet/lifestyle modification and teach you ways you can improve your diet and health! This is something I would recommend everyone doing periodically just to clean things up. There is a simple protocol to follow and you can completely change your health in a short period of time! We all are exposed to toxins daily, and unless you are in perfect shape, have no stress, and eat a perfect diet, your body has to work hard to stay healthy, and we have all the tools needed to give you the support you need here at OHZ.

Yours in Health,
Dr. J.

Kevin Juleen