Wellness Care

Ongoing periodic chiropractic care is essential to keeping your body happy and healthy. Maintenance care is meant to prevent future relapses and maintain your condition after active pain care has been completed. Maintenance Care is often also called Wellness Care or Preventative Care. This care requires periodic visits in order to keep you at optimal health and maintain the progress already accomplished. Typical wellness care visits are 1-2 times per month, although every person is different in how often it is needed and if your body is under a lot of stress, closer visits will benefit you more.

The benefit of maintenance care is that minor misalignments can be detected before they become symptomatic or well-established. Maintenance chiropractic care allows for improved posture, enhanced function, better athletic performance, reduced injuries and an overall enjoyable pain-free lifestyle. This type of preventative or wellness care can also save time and money by keeping minor problems from becoming more serious. Maintenance is the stage of healing that ensures the integrity of the spine is being sustained and supported. We put a lot of time and energy into getting everything feeling better, into better alignment, and strengthened; and we don’t want that work to be wasted. Each adjustment builds on the previous work we have done, and we slowly retrain things to work optimally. Because day to day activities put biomechanical strain on our bodies, we must continue to monitor the health and condition of your body through periodic evaluations and treatments.

The primary benefit of the care we provide is not pain relief, but optimal function. Maintaining your body in an optimal state does help a lot with pain management, but the underlying benefit of having nerves communicating as best as possible is what truly keeps things functioning at their best. This is especially true for your organ systems- we work a lot on proper nutrition and support, and often times chiropractic care is the key piece is having everything working better and staying healthy. Most of our patients at OHZ check their nutrition every month, and there is even more health to be gained if we are adjusting you more often!

Yours in Health,

Dr. J.

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Kevin Juleen