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We live in a face-paced world with computers and phones running (and ruining) our lives. While I’m not a fan of this lifestyle trend as many of you know; we all have to stay with the times. In regard to OHZ helping your health- we can use this technology to help you get your supplements cheaper, faster, and when you need them instead of waiting for our Super Tuesday sale each month. By shopping at www.optimalhealthzone.nutridyn.com you can save time and money and get anything you need, whenever you need it. NutriDyn recently changed their shipping policy and now all orders over $49 are free to ship. This means that you only need to order one or two bottles to have them sent right to your door for free! And they usually arrive within 1-2 days since we are working with a Minnesota based company.

This lowered shipping charge will also allow us to do a lot more drop-shipping directly to you as well! If you aren’t the type to want to buy things online, just give us a call and we can have things sent right to you! This can also be done with products not available through our online ordering- we don’t mind packaging things up for you and sending them out! While on the subject of technology- it goes without saying that there is a downside to the way our society has evolved. Tech neck and poor posture are a big deal in the chiropractic world- something that is trending in the wrong direction and we see every day with our clients. Staring at a computer and/or phone all day causes many issues with the head, neck, and back. In addition to the physical stress on the body; staring at a blue-lit screen, exposure to electromagnetic fields, and increasing your stress while decreasing your free time are all other issues at hand. Limiting screen time is a must nowadays, especially for developing children. Forming these bad habits early will only have increasingly negative results on long-term health.

Some tips to reduce your tech time include: Eating meals without technology, Activity/Chore list for kids that must be completed before using devices, No phone or TV while in bed, Setting timers, Keeping the power cord in another room, and most importantly- just putting the device down to go out and enjoy life more often! As always, OHZ wants to continue to help you live your life in your sweet spot- feel free to ask questions, give us feedback, and spread the word about all the great things we have to offer!

Yours in health,

Dr. J.

Kevin Juleen