Dangers of Winter

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Oh No! It’s Winter!

Tis the season of gift-giving and snow-falling. There’s no better gift than the gift of health, and that’s where OHZ is always here to help! Healthcare this time of year revolves around what the dreaded winter season brings to us: cold temperatures, lack of sunlight, viral infections, and snow-related injuries. As always, we have a plethora of great nutritional options to help with your well-being, and chiropractic care becomes even more important to keep things working at their best. Winter is the time when we have new, unexpected injuries. Shoveling snow, slipping on the ice, and worst of all- car accidents. Everyone needs to take extra precautions to avoid these awful accidents.

Shoveling accounts for multiple injuries per week in our office. The easy tips to remember are: take your time, lift lighter amounts at a time, and most importantly- AVOID TWISTING. Rotating the spine leaves you very vulnerable to a serious injury, always perform strenuous activities like shoveling in front of you and take the extra step to the side to dump the snow instead of throwing it over your shoulder. If all else fails, bribe a strong, young kid to do it all for you!

Slipping on the ice is also a major cause of injury this time of year. There’s no real secret to avoiding it either- just taking your time, be sure of your footing, and make sure your walkways are cleaned thoroughly. Should this unfortunate incident occur, your injuries may be mild, but it can also lead to something more serious- especially if you hit your head or your neck gets whipped back and forth. If you do slip and fall, get in right away so we can get you put back together and make sure nothing serious takes place.

Lastly, the dreaded car accident. Accidents are bound to occur with the terrible driving conditions we have to endure, it’s something you wouldn’t wish on an enemy, and they are often times unavoidable in the moment. Whiplash injuries can occur with an impact of a vehicle traveling as little as 3mph; so, it is very important to be evaluated properly if you are involved in and accident. Chiropractic treatment is an essential tool in recovering from injuries sustained in an auto accident, but we could also hurt you more if you aren’t evaluated properly beforehand. Be sure to tell me right away if this happens, so we can do our due diligence and get you taken care of properly, no matter how minor or major the accident was. Medical coverage is provided automatically by your auto insurance carrier, so there’s no reason to not get the care you need. Please let us know if you or anyone you know has been involved in an accident, and we’ll take care of it and get you back to living life in your sweet spot.

Happy Holidays and thanks for a wonderful year!

Yours in health,

Dr. J.

*We will be introducing a new tool to help you with your health very soon! Nutri-Dyn has created DNA Test Kits called MyOrigin. We can use your own DNA (saliva) to show what conditions you are pre-disposed to dealing with and what custom nutrition options are available to you. Initial cost will be approximately $150 with additional panels at an add-on cost.

Kevin Juleen