Heart Health

February is always the month where we focus on our hearts. Valentine’s Day has people thinking about hearts and chocolates, and here at OHZ it has us thinking about heart health and all the great things we can do to help your cardiovascular system.

It goes without saying how important the heart is; but it is something we rarely think about in regard to our health until there is a problem. Issues such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure occur as a result of too much negative stress on our cardiovascular system. At OHZ, we always try to focus on the root cause of the problem, so heart health starts with stress management. We can also influence the heart and vessels with proper nutrition, diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes, and sometimes more importantly- chiropractic care. Did you know that chiropractic care reduces your blood pressure? The direct influence on the nervous system will help your body regulate the pressure and can lower your numbers significantly.

Proper nutrition may include something directly related to your heart, or it may be something to support your stress management or secondary problem that is the real root cause of your issues. We often incorporate products such as Methyl Care, CoQ10, Cardioauxin, Fish Oils, Niacin, or Bergamot BPF to help with your heart health. If you are wondering if there is something you should be doing to support yourself, ask today!

Something to look forward to- Our largest and most popular supplement supplier, Nutri-Dyn, is releasing a new set of products we will be incorporating over the next few months. We expect there to be some great new things to utilize, including some comprehensive items that may reduce how many supplements we recommend for you. We of course will only recommend things that work well for you but expect some of your regular favorite products to be revamped with some new names and new formulas.

Yours in health,

Dr. J.

Kevin Juleen