Allergy Season

Allergy season is (unfortunately) back!

Now that the snow is thankfully on its way out, the next wave of annoying things we have to deal with comes in just like a bad snowstorm: Allergies. The initial phase of allergy season has begun, and we have already been helping patients who are dealing with symptoms related to the immune response created by being hypersensitive to all sorts of allergens. So far, there have been numerous patients dealing with mold sensitivities, and the seasonal issues will present themselves very soon as well.

Allergies act in a similar fashion to viruses and bacterial infections. Our bodies are sensitive to certain stimuli, especially if it is something that has irritated our immune system in the past. When exposed, this causes an immune system response and corresponding inflammation cascade. This inflammation damages our cells and they in turn release Histamines, which cause contractions of muscles and dilation of blood vessels. The associated symptoms are well known: headaches, congestion, sinus issues, fatigue, hives, and digestive issues.

If you are one of the lucky few that are not negatively affected by allergies, great! It is still important for everyone to be on high alert for all the bad things that the changing season has to offer. The best thing to do for yourself is keep your immune system prepared for battle. This means stocking up on your core vitamins as well as probiotics and anti-inflammatories. There are even more great products that help: magnesium, fish oils, and spices like cayenne, cinnamon, and ginger. As always, a high dose of fresh veggies and water will go a long way in keeping you healthy this time of year. The nutritional supplements we use the most to help with your allergies are D-Hist, Zone 3, and Mold Mix. If you have needed these before, now is the time to stock up again so you are prepared. Be sure to stop in when your symptoms pop up and get the proper nutrition you need to help you live your life in your sweet spot!

Chiropractic is always a great tool to keep your body working well. When someone is dealing with allergies, cold symptoms, and/or sinus issues; an adjustment to the cervical spine can be exactly what is needed. Did you know we can also work on your cranial bones, jaw, nasal bone, hyoid(throat), and ears!? Getting all of these things in proper working order can help relieve the symptoms of headaches, sinus pressure/congestion, and the overall foggy feeling we get when our immune system is overworked. Make sure you are getting your regular chiropractic care and don’t hesitate to come in when your symptoms are flared up, we are happy to help and will be flexible to schedule you as soon as we can. As always, please ask for more information regarding your health, allergies, or anything in between!

Yours in health,

Dr. J.

Kevin Juleen