Spring Detox

Spring Into Health!

The nice weather has finally arrived! Spring is the season to get active again and enjoy your time outside. It is also the time to unwind all the bad habits we form throughout our hibernation all winter. There is no better way to kick off a change in your health than detoxifying your body. A (semi)strict detox can completely reset your gut and transform your health.

There are many ways to go about detoxing, with strategies that are simple, some that are comprehensive, and a lot in between. The first thing to do to start detoxing is limiting the additional toxins that stress your body. Keeping your diet clean will automatically kick-start your detox processes. Additionally, we have a lot of supplements that aid your body in detox; some of them are support pieces so you feel your best, and some of them are more intense, comprehensive products that can clean your body and reset everything to work a lot better. These include a couple new products that are working better than anything we have used before: Dynamic Detox and Hormone Balance.

Detox products can be incorporated seamlessly into the products you are already taking, or an intense detox strategy may be right for you. Ask today to see what your body would benefit from, and we can put a plan in place to reset your health.

As we become more active, it is also important to keep our bodies moving well. Chiropractic care not only helps you get out of pain, it helps prevent it from happening in the first place! Before you begin your spring/summer activities, it is essential to have your body functioning at its best. Regular care 1-2 times per month is best to maintain your overall health, but more frequent visits may be needed when you are more active and have more stress on your body.

Once things are working well, it is also easier to get you back to your best if something happens or if an injury occurs. If you are planning to be more active, an extra adjustment or two can really benefit; and it is always recommended to get in whenever something is hurting or not working ideally. We are happy to help anyone and everyone with getting their body functioning and feeling their best, so spread the word about the benefits of our care at OHZ and together we can get everyone living their life in their sweet spot!

Yours in health,

Dr. J.

Kevin Juleen